Inspiration: 3 Words (randomly chosen from a web page)

Aawran made a very compelling argument about why she should return home with him. At least it might be compelling to some other woman. She’d known him for way too long. She knew exactly what he was like and what he wanted. She was having no part of it. She listened patiently, and then sat down on a rock at the top of the falls. She’d heard it all before. Oh, he could change. He would look after her from now on. Everything would be wonderful. He was sorry for what had happened in the past. Sure. Same old stuff from the same old bastard.

Just two days before she’d left home, they were standing in they yard at her cottage. Aawran was giving here the same song and dance. She knew he was just determined to get his hands on her parents farm. Those two farms together? Why, he’d be the richest person in the area. She was just a means to an end. Her life was much more than farming with a man who treated her no better than the pigs out by the barn. She knew that if she left he would never get the farm. Her brother would have it and that was how it should be.

“Where’s Ban?” She interrupted his rambling.

“Ban? Well, I guess he’s home running the farm. The farm that should be mine if you did what you were told.”

Ah, yes. Now he’s telling it like it is.

“You treated me like a dung heap ever since were were kids. What give you the right to tell me what to do? Just because our parents arranged for us to be married, doesn’t mean you have any such right. Why do you think I won’t marry you? Are you really that dense?”

He grabbed for her arms and pulled her up. He pulled her face so close to his that the hairs around his forehead tickled her own. His breath was bad and he smelled like pig shit. She nearly gagged. Marry this? I’ll jump over that falls before that will happen.

“Brinn! You are coming home with me. You’re going to live in my cottage, help me farm, and have babies. It’s what you are meant to do. It’s what your father said you were going to do.”

“My father was in a world of his own. His ridiculous beliefs said that women were chattel and he was going to sell me off just like he’d sell off one of his cows. I’m not one of his cows!”

She pushed against him and got her arms loose. She shoved him backward. He tripped over a fallen branch. She heard a crack as his head hit a rock. He tried to get up but he dizzily spun back toward the cliff. We went down again.

Oh no.

Aawran was falling.

Help!” Brinn screeched, but she knew it was no good.

She ran to the edge of the rocks at the top of the falls. She saw nothing, but then a dark shape appeared in the swirling water at the base of the falls. The shape bobbed a few times and then went sideways. The water carried it downstream.


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