Inspiration: 2 Words (Randomly generated)

Brinn sat in the sand by the lakes edge watching Cuno fetch sticks. Today she was pondering what Myrrthyn said about her messengers. Where were her messengers. She didn’t recall seeing things as she grew up that she could call messengers.

She tossed the stick again, and Cuno went splashing in after it. Every time he caught it, he stopped and looked at her as though awaiting her approval to bring it back.

“Yes, Cuno. Good job!”

Cuno came bounding out of the water, stopped, and shook. He brought the stick and laid it by her feet.

“That’s enough for now. Go play for a while.”

Instead Cuno laid down beside her and laid his chin on his paws. She scratched behind his wet ears and he let out a low rumble in his throat. He was contented. He obviously had enough swimming for today. Maybe Brinn would go for a quick swim before they headed back to the cottage.

She wish she felt that contented. Myrrthyn had her mind reeling. Their conversation yesterday came back to her out of the blue. It was the strangest thing that had ever happened to her.  How is it that he happened to be there waiting for her? How did he know she would come to the spring? Who was he?

Cuno reached up and kissed her arm with his warm tongue. He seemed to sense her mood. This was a new one. Brinn thought maybe he was hungry. He hadn’t eaten since this morning. She herself had only nibbled on some bread and cheese this morning. She had some food in her pack, so she dug it out. She unwrapped some rabbit, tore it into small pieces and fed it to Cuno. He hungrily gulped it down. Then she opened her flask with some watered wine and poured it into her cup. She sipped it and slowly chewed some of the rabbit along with a chunk of cheese.



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