Inspiration: 2 Words (Randomly generated)

Despite the unforeseen upheaval yesterday in her plans, Brinn did indeed dream. She slept sounder than she had in days. Her preparations had worked better than she expected. When she got home, she ate a handful of berries that she had picked during the day, and drank some more of the spring water. Hunger gnawed at her belly, but not so much that she wanted to ruin the possibility of dreaming. After her day with Myrrdyn, she was more determined than ever that she needed to dream. She needed some insight on what to do next.

In her dream, she walked along a mountain path. She was cold, but she didn’t put on the cloak she was carrying. She could see hazy, gray water off in the distance. A sharp breeze wafted up the cliffs. In places, rocks fell beneath her feet, but she didn’t hear them land; it was like they suspended in mid air somewhere beneath her. She was a long ways up, but she was not afraid. She was, however, very alert like she was expecting something to happen or someone to approach on the path. Over the peaks a full moon in the sky and some stars were glittering. She was alone, but she was not afraid. Three eagles circled high above and ahead of her. She could see only their silhouettes against the light of the moon. She had never been hear before, but somehow she seems to sense some innate knowledge of the place. She had no doubt that she was on the right path and that something or someone was waiting for her.

Suddenly, as she rounded a turn, there was a man standing in the path. Behind him was a bear, and an owl was perched on a branch over his left shoulder. The owl blinked at her, ruffled its feathers slightly, and turned its head toward the man. The bear grumbled a greeting and reared up on its hind legs. The man lifted his hand over his head and the bear sat on its haunches.

Brinn still felt no fear. She knew that this man would be here, but who was he? She didn’t recognize his face is the dusky light of the moon.

He didn’t speak, but he told her he was here to guide her.

Guide her where?

You need to find your direction. Your spirit is lost. My job is to help you find it. When you do, your journey will begin.

What journey?

You have purpose in this life. Do you know what it is.


As I suspected. No problem. We’ll find it together.

He held out his hand for her to take. She took it, as he turned to continue up the path. They rose higher until they entered the clouds. The moon disappeared, but it was light. The mist around her swirled. The air turned warm.


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