The fence post

I leaned against the fence post
And watched across the field
Two deer were watching back
They neither blinked nor moved
Nor did I blink or move
Their graceful beauty touched me
I took a snapshot in my mind
This moment.
Frozen in time.


One might almost think I’d be thinking about the deer. But, no. I have a fascination with fences. Country fences, not picket fences and painted fences like you see in the ‘burbs. I like barbed wire fences, board fences, stone fences, weathered fence posts, and gate posts that have seen better days. I include them a lot in my paintings. They remind me of growing up on a farm; they remind me of the countryside where I spent my youth. Fences separate, create boundaries. They keep in, they keep out. They age and fall down from disrepair. They’re rustic. They’re memories of the past. Moments frozen in time; frozen in my mind.

Old Fence Post Photo by Kecia O’Sullivan (Public Domain)



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