Lazy Sunday morning
And winter looms in the air
I sit in my favorite chair
And gaze serenely out the window

The beauty that slowly envelops the landscape
Continues to astound me every year
Watching snowflakes drift lazily to the ground
A blanket of white soon covers the sins
Of muddy ground and desiccated leaves

In the lake the waves keep time
brushing softly against the shore
Swallowing the crisp white crystals
As they dare to touch the diamond crests

Soon they’ll win the battle
An icy mantle will quiet the ripples
And they will sleep in the darkness
Until the warm spring breezes
Whisk away the winter’s frigid flurry


Winter Lake Photo Public-Domain-Images.


4 thoughts on “Every year

      1. Snowshoeing good idea thats fun. if you comment on my post saying snowshoeing so everyone can see it i will add it in

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