Everybody has a story.
How often do you judge me?
Do you know my mind, my heart, my spirit?
Do you ask about my day?
Do you ask me why I’m sad?
Do you ask why I’m happy?
Do you ask me anything at all?
You judge because you think you know.
You have your own experiences.
But your experiences are not mine.
Yet we all have joys and pains
Borne of our own life journey.
Do you hesitate to impose on me?
I will not share unless you ask.
I want to know you care,
But I won’t impose on you.
If you ask and I don’t tell
Don’t give up on me.
Another time another place.
When I was young I was so sure
The universe revolved around me.
Now I know as life goes on.
That I revolve within the universe.
We are all connected.
Don’t judge.
Everybody has a story.


4 thoughts on “Ask so you might know

    1. Thanks! Most appreciated. I checked out your site too and I like your work! Keep it up!

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