100-word Flash. #FridayFictioneers (http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/photo-prompt-for-100-word-flash-fridayfictioneers-12/)

Carrie huddled at the edge of the beach farthest from the lapping waves. The water frightened her. Memories frightened her, imprisoned her, encased by darkest secrets.
She watched enviously, but safe, as Fred embraced the surf and wandered among the rocks and shells.
She flinched as an acorn plopped to the ground beside her. A bulb flickered. That was exactly how she felt: cap off, cracked open, and starting anew. She needed to escape, to live.
“Come walk with me.”
How she wanted to grasp his hand and walk, free to grow.
“I’m coming.”
She took a step.


28 thoughts on “Germination

  1. I really liked how you used the acorn as a metaphor for what Carrie hoped for. Lots in your story that made me want to know more – especially what memories frightened her, and why she needed courage. Nice!

    1. I’m lovin’ the positive feedback so far. Thanks. Very encouraging. After I read the first few posts this morning, I almost didn’t post. But then I tweaked the story and decided “what the heck!” I’m glad I did.

  2. Hi there! Welcome to the group.

    I love the imagery in your story – the word “encased” is perfect. And the first tentative step she takes is perfectly mirrored by that tender shoot from the acorn. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks. I haven’t had time to read all the stories yet, but this evening or tomorrow, I’m certainly going to do so. I look forward to seeing what you wrote.

  3. Deeara Caerlynn,

    I could not help but notice the parallel between Carrie finding courage and you almost not posting but then saying, ‘to heck with it’, and diving in to #FridayFictioneers. Loved your story. Very well written and instuctive in more was than one. I hope to read your work here often.



    i’m usually here early but today I’m late. (22 minutes of Friday leeft here in Hawaii.) Here’s a link to my lateness. http://ironwoodwind.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/a-womans-vows/

    1. Hi Doug. Interesting point. Never thought of that! How very observant. I’m glad I cracked the shell! Thanks for the positive comments!!
      Now, I’m off to read your story and the others. Until next Friday!

    1. Wow! Thanks. Your comments mean a lot. As I mention earlier, I’ll hang on to this one. It just might make a longer story sometime.
      Thanks for visiting!

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