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Inspiration Monday: I miss the stars
(200 – 500 words)

Public Domain Image“I’ve been hidden away for fourteen years. My world is dark. I’m lonely. I long for the night so I can escape into my dreams. Dreams are the only time I feel alive. I am afraid.”
These words have been ringing in Leigh’s head nearly every day for the last few years. She has to get out of here. She’s in a prison of her own doing. This she will finally admit. She was young and in love. She married when she didn’t even know who she was. She certainly didn’t know who he was. Everyone warned her that he was not good for her. Fool! She thought she was in love.
He controls her. She has control over nothing. She lost herself in his world.
He brought her to this city saying they’d have opportunities galore. Life was going to be wonderful.
But she’s stuck in this place day after day. She has a job she hates because they need the money. He says so. She spends the weekends cleaning and cooking and visiting his friends. He says they have to. What would people think?
She’s lost in this urban hell. She doesn’t belong here. The skyscrapers do just that. They scrape the sky so she can’t feel the fresh air, the sunshine, the clouds, the freedom. She can’t see the trees. She can’t see the lakes and streams. Claustrophobic. That is her word for the day, for the year. She wants to fly high, soar into the blue yonder, to find her own path in the woods.
Her mind is made up. Tomorrow, she leaves.  She’s breaking free. She’s leaving the concrete, the chains, the hidden bars that imprison her. She’s going back to the country where she can be free. She’s going to walk in nature again.
“I’m going to see the stars again. I miss the stars.”


11 thoughts on “Tomorrow

    1. Ahhh, but she’s much happier now that she’s escaped. 🙂
      Funny how things pop into your head sometimes–the skyscraper line. It evoked a real image for me.

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