The morning sky glows amber
Across the eastern horizon.
The farmstead sits in quiet wonder
Under a cloak of fallen snow.

Tree limbs hanging heavy
Under dabs of iridescent white
Highlights of delicate saffron
Dapple through the naked birch.

Blue-violet shadows
Painted by the rising sun
Stretch over drifting waves
That never move, but never stay.

In the darkness of the night
Unseen by you and I
Nature perfectly composed
A windswept winter landscape.

Wrapped in a frosted mantle
A rime on nature’s easel
The silent morning proudly presents
The aftermath of a winter storm.

The image for this poem is a portion of an original painting by the author.

9 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Wow! Gorgeous poem and painting as well. An artist and a writer! I could never draw or paint as well as you do. This is beautiful. Your painting almost reminds me of something like a Thomas Kinkade painting. I don’t know if you will consider that to be a compliment or not, but it was meant to be a compliment. Great work here, and I look forward to seeing more of your paintings as well as your writing. 😀

    1. Thanks for the compliment! II love to paint. One of my favorite things about painting is that I learn something new almost every time. There’s always something to learn–some trick, a new technique, or maybe a shortcut. Just like writing!
      As always, I appreciate your visits!

  2. Caerlynn, I absolutely love the line, “A rime on nature’s easel,” such strong imagery. What a creative, I see that you are a talented painter too!

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