Born of iron oxide
On the palette next to umber
Extracted from the earth
Pigment conjured from the land
Deserts, cliffs, and hills
Canyons, rocks, and rusted steel
Painted caves from days gone by
Mahogany, sepia, reddish brown
Copper, brick, and chestnut
Reds and oranges peering through
Leather, suede, and pottery
Tiles, jugs, and terra cotta
Even hair and art of henna
A canvas ignited
By burnt sienna


5 thoughts on “Ignited by sienna

    1. Thanks Mike! Just popped over to your blog about the potter. Fascinating! Great pics. Isn’t it great to be “visual?”

    1. Wow! Thanks! This poem, at least parts of it, came to me yesterday while I was planning my next painting. I had to abandon the painting temporarily and get the words written down.

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