100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #28

from Julia’s Place

Prompt: …you bought her what…

Little Katie read voraciously about knights, and princes, and great warriors.

Now, big Katie reads about wars, from the Crusades to the war in Afghanistan.

Tonight, she has a date, a double date with her friends, Jan and Ed, and the handsome General Dan Wyndslade. They stop at the military base on their way to dinner. Dan slips a fifty to his buddy and arranges a ride in an armored personnel carrier. Katie always wondered what an APC would be like.

Later, at dinner, Jan laughs, “Dan, you bought her what she’s always wanted — a night in shining armor.


(I know… groan! :-))


16 thoughts on “Good knight!

    1. LOL! All I could think was “This is my first entry in this word challenge!? What are these people going to think?” It was one of those times when the right brain went to porridge.

      Thanks, though. I appreciate your comment and visit! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!

  1. Oh what a clever piece – old new romance war – so much going on. Thank you for taking up the challenge that is 100WCGU! Hope to see you as a regular!

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