Poetry prompt from http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/
Kiss the ceiling.

You can be a poet
You can be a writer
You can be an artist
You need to be a fighter

You can climb the tallest tree
You can choose your style
Let no shackles chain you down
Let no one take your smile

Don’t you worry if it’s stormy
Or if the sun won’t shine
The wind might blow you off your path
But you will be just fine

Go ahead, lasso the moon
And if you twist up in the rope
Shake it off and go be free
Dream and wish and hope

Make mistakes and learn your lessons
Live and laugh and love
If you wake up feeling goofy
Wear one red sock and one blue glove

Stretch your arms and touch the sky
Don’t ever lose the feeling
You can do whatever you want
You can even kiss the ceiling



8 thoughts on “My mother always said

  1. I like this very much! The first stanza is strong and sets the stage. If that ceiling were glass, this stretching kiss might just crack it open to sky!

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