Today’s poem is for THE POETRY CHALLENGE
The prompt for Week 3 is “Valentine’s Day”

Author: Bagande

Valentine’s Day is not love
Valentine’s Day is not caring
Valentine’s Day is a commercial scheme
Touted by card and candy folks
And insecure sweethearts
To believe their lovers must spend money
To symbolize true love

Valentine’s Day is not for us
We tell each other every day
How much we love and care
The little things done every day
Means more to us
Than store-bought diamonds, cards, and candy
We don’t need big enterprise
In the cold and snow of winter
To tell us that today is “heart day”
We celebrate our warmth and love
Every day all through the year

The most special thing
That you can do
Is keep your money
In your pocket
And tell your true love
Every day
Just what they mean to you



6 thoughts on “Every day

  1. Thanks to everyone who visited and check out my Valentine’s poem. I’ve checked out everyone’s poem and Clownponders will have such fun choosing three this week! 🙂

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