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Inspiration Monday: That wasn’t supposed to happen
(200 – 500 words)

English: Rocky Mountains Trapper
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Danny returned to the cabin with a bucket of fresh water for his mother to cook supper. As he stepped over the threshold and kicked the snow off his boots, he saw a man standing in front of the hearth wearing a Hudson Bay coat and a beaver skin cap. He had a long shaggy beard, scruffy hair peeking from under the furry ear flaps, and his voice rolled like gravel from a spade when he said hello to Danny.

Mother beckoned him in and motioned for him to sit. He set his bucket by the door and did as she asked. As he shed his jacket, he continued to stare into the eyes of the man who towered over his own seven-year-old frame.

Why did he look so familiar? Despite the gravelly voice, his eyes were warm and friendly. He smiled at Danny. Danny looked from the man to his mother. What was going on here? She seemed at ease, so he obviously wasn’t a threat. Even Bruno, the hunting hound, was looking up at the man and wagging his tail.

“Who are you?”

“Danny, don’t be rude. This is your grandfather. He’s been away in England for a few years. He sold a shipment of beaver pelts and arranged for three new markets in London. Then he returned and went up north and worked with several new trappers to establish some new lines. He just got back and wanted to say hello before he went over to his cabin.”

“Why haven’t I met you before?” Danny was a little upset that he’d never met his grandfather before today. Ma and Pa were always telling stories about Grandpa, the trapper.

“We did meet Danny boy, but you were just a pup so I guess you don’t remember. I used to come here every year after trapping season; but this time, unfortunately, I was away far too long takin’ care of business. I ‘spect the beard and long hair are throwing you off.”

“Why did you stay in England for so long? That’s a long time to sell a few beaver skins. Pa never stayed away that long.”

“Well, Dan, I met me a gal. That wasn’t supposed to happen. He glanced up at Danny’s mother. I never thought I’d find a good woman after your grandmother passed.”

“Where is she?”

“Well, she’ll be joining us very soon. She had to take care of some family matters and she’ll be sailing on the Queen Annabelle on the ninth. I need to get my cabin ship-shape for a lady. Wanna help?”



5 thoughts on “The return

  1. I like this, I think you caught the era or period pretty much right on. And I liked the Grandfather character a whole bunch.

    I thought maybe there were a few areas that could be smoothed a bit – like the mother’s dialog

    But then the ending is warm and grandfatherly and good. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks. You’re right about the mother’s dialog. Now that I go back and read it again after a week, it does seem rather stilted/choppy. Glad you liked the story.

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