100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers

A story inspired by this photo provided by Madison Woods.

Find the spring above Narakkal canyon; you will know what to do. Kardahni’s words echoed through Cerhit’s skull like a wolf howl off the canyon walls.

After six days of following the great river to its western origin, he stopped. Exhausted and aching, he crouched and drank the cool spring water. As he fell back against the rock, an object, half buried in the leaves, flashed at him — a gold medallion, fiery to touch despite the cold water.

A flash of memory coursed through him! Or was it the future?

Symbols. A map. Yes. He knew what to do.



39 thoughts on “The quest

  1. Dear Caerlynn,

    Did you design that medallion? Very interesting and very original. I loved the sentence, “Kardahni’s words echoed through Cerhit’s skull like a wolf howl off the canyon walls.” Your language matched the characters and the quest.



    1. Thanks for your comments, Doug. I wish I could say I designed the medallion. It’s a PD pic that I modified. 🙂 Glad you like it, though.

  2. Caerlynn, I loved this! Your voice was real and consistent – I too was caught by the echo metaphor and the memory / future line. The medallion, the source of a great river, the quest … you’ve got the makings of an incredible story here. I hope you’ll sign my copy of the novel when it comes out!

  3. A great tale.
    I loved the intrigue that was built in with the intrigue of the reasons behind the long quest and the meaning behind the gold medallion.
    This sounds like a story worth continuing.

  4. Thanks for reading my version of the story. I loved your phrase “words echoed through Cerhit’s skull like a wolf howl off the canyon walls” so poetic.

  5. Definitely a good start to something more. Love adventure quests, too, especially when they’re filled with intrigue and supernatural elements 🙂

    One crit that is so minor and so out of line with what you’ve gotten so far in feedback that it might not be helpful. I don’t think of wolves in that terrain. I do think of wind howling through canyons and bouncing off walls. But overall I loved the mood and setting of this little flash.

    1. Thanks, Madison. You may have a good point there. Definitely a research point if the story continues. Glad you enjoyed it!

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