(or Ode to a tree)
Poetry prompt from http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/

Home is where the oak tree is

My roots run deep, my branches strong
To earth and wind do I belong
Winter food stashed in the cellar
Safely locked inside my trunk
You let your children run ‘round free
My walls they climb and scratch
They snack upon my acorns
Or toss them off the roof
Your tail flicks and flutters
You chitter chatter all day long
You sing and dance upon my limbs
Each branch your private parlor
Without your non-stop busyness
I’d surely be alone
Invite your kin and comrades
We’ll toast our family tree
You provide the games and fun
And I’ll supply the nuts



7 thoughts on “Home is where the oak tree is

  1. The theme I’ve been seeing in most of the poems written for the prompt is the interconnectedness of nature — how the environment and the living creatures need the tree, and how the tree needs them. Your poem brings this out in a humorous way, giving the tree a strong voice.


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