100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Madison Woods.

Toys or treasures

“Boys! Supper!”

Kyle and Brandon barely dragged themselves to the table.  All day, they’d played pirates, kings and knights, and treasure seekers.

Kyle tossed the courier box on the floor beside him.

“What’s that?” Ophelia asked picking up the box.

“Oh, just some loot we found in the ditch.”

Mother removed a now dirty crumpled letter.  “Dear Ms. Ophelia Halfran… Mrs. Beryl Merriweather passed away… In her will… these stones appraised at approximately $1,240,000… thank you for spending time with her last spring…”

Ophelia dropped the box in disbelief.

Beryl was dead?

They boys stared wide eyed.

One million dollars?



40 thoughts on “Toys or treasures

  1. It was a nice touch that the benefactor was named after a gem herself.

    Beryl’s decision to send such valuable jewels by regular mail may have been a sign of senility. Ophelia might have a lawsuit on her hands if this story continues!

  2. Like everyone else it seems, I loved the contrast between the reactions to the news. It was very realistic 🙂

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