Prompt 100 WCGU: Take a leap of faith
100 word challenge

Lavenia stood at the rail as the ship steered into port. People were milling around on the wharf and workers were racing about preparing to unload cargo, baggage, and passengers.
Jacob’s grasp on her hand was tighter than his grasp on why they were here. “Momma? Is Poppa coming?”
“Poppy is gone, remember? We’re starting a new adventure. Oh, there’s Grandpoppa. Wave!”
Jacob waved, but he didn’t really know which figure on the wharf was Grandpoppa. They all looked the same.
He gazed wide-eyed at the countryside beyond. At least it seemed like good pastureland.
He hoped Grandpoppa had cows.


10 thoughts on “Take a leap of faith

  1. Judee above said exactly what I was going to say – what a great line about Jacob’s grasp. I like the optimism, but I also feel the sadness at Poppa being gone and how much Lavenia must be hiding from Jacob – I really want to know the story behind how they got here as well as moving forwards. Great 100WCGU.

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