Prompt 100 WCGU: Photograph
100 word challenge

As they neared the back of the gallery, Monica reined in. “What is that? It’s hideous!”

“That’s Byron’s latest piece.” Byron was Jane’s brother.

“I thought he created art, not cobbled up wood.”

“It’s driftwood sculpture; look, they want a buttload of money for it.”

“Well… Never look a gift horse in the…?” Monica’s head tilted and brows furrowed at the piece.

Jane giggled. “No accounting for taste in art, is there?”

“Can you imagine that in your living room?”

“No, maybe a garden or conference centre or something.”

“I guess you can say it has good bones.” Monica cackled.


Disclaimer: No offense to Heather Jansch; it really is dramatic sculpture — as are all her pieces. I especially like the bear and stag.


11 thoughts on “Good bones

  1. Dear Caerlynn,

    I thought at first that the sculptor was Deborah Butterfield. Thanks for letting me know the artist behind the work.

    Loved your story. Monica is a semi-loon.



    1. I thought it was a Butterfield too, and because I love her pieces, I felt like a voyeur in the gallery trying to listen in on the conversation, ready to pounce with my opinions.

      1. Yes, everyone has an opinion about art, but that’s what makes it interesting, isn’t it? I, for example, paint landscapes and nature, etc. I just don’t “get” abstract art. Even within what I do, I’m always fascinated to see what each person likes when they view my artwork.
        Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I like yr 100 words – but have to say that these sculptures are for Maria & I the worst thing about a wonderful place – and we put up with them – moaned about them and moved on to the good stuff – at the Eden Project- but heck – what would the world be like if we all – appreciate the same art?

  3. Caerlynn,

    This is fun. It reminds me of a recent trip I took to the museum with my nine year old daughter. Wandering through the Modern Art exhibit led to some interesting discussions. This dialogue is so true to life.

  4. That’s an interesting take on the prompt!
    I’m glad I wasn’t in the gallery with these two – I’d find it difficult to believe ANYONE couldn’t love this horse! But I suppose it’s good that everyone is different.
    Very good bones!

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