Prompt 100 WCGU: …what was the rabbit late for…
100-word challenge

“What was the rabbit late for?” wondered Alice, interrupting a most serious conversation.

“The meeting. Psychoactive psilocybin, you see. The seduction was oh so staggering,” said Stanley Starling.

“I think his time did change direction,” said Billy Badger.

“The fungi fouled his encephalon, you see.”

“Oh, backward time and fouled encephalon could certainly make him late,” agreed Alice. “He’s been trying so hard to staunch his cravings. Perhaps we should intervene.”

“He’s been quite stressed trying to assimilate the jabberwocky,” said Badger. “Maybe it’s only a brief relapse; perhaps he just needed a moment to dream a dream.”



27 thoughts on “Rabbit’s relapse

  1. This is delightful and captures the voice of the original tale so sweetly, and wish just the right touch of humor. Great last line, too, someone will have fun with that.

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