This week’s prompt comes from the closing words (…all right, I once had an imaginary friend just like hers) of Ross‘s story, which he wrote for the 100-Word Challenge For Grown-ups (Week 36) at Julia’s place. Thanks Ross for your great story and the inspiration for my own story this week.

Chickadee (Public Domain)

A chickadee landed in the maple outside her window. Chickadees always reminded Michelle of her little sister who loved climbing trees. Emma would flit from one branch to another, seeing how high she could climb. The girls were inseparable.

One day Emma fell. She hit her head on a rock.

Michelle screamed.

Mother and Grandmother came running.

Michelle was nearly blue with agony. Mother looked around, not knowing what to do.

Grandmother said, “It’s all right, I once had an imaginary friend just like hers.”

Michelle is twenty-four now. Her lonely room is decorated with chickadees — all named Emma.



5 thoughts on “It’s not all right

  1. Oh my! What a great piece. Absolutely brilliant. You had me completely off the track. Thank you for joining the 2nd part of our Easter challenge!

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