100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Madison Woods.

Garvin swallowed the last of the rum and threw the bottle against the wall where it exploded into a million tiny pieces — just like his life.

I’m tired, and I’m lonely. The manhole! I could escape down there.

Last year he was manager of the development group at a prestigious software company. Life certainly throws  some curves, doesn’t it? One gamble and he was done. Won $375. Everyone cheered. Bought a round for the bar.

Now? No job, no house, no wife. All I look forward to is the bottom of the next bottle.



21 thoughts on “Easy come, easy go

  1. Dear Caerlynn,

    One of the things I look at in these 100 word forays is whether the writer ‘sees’ everything in the picture. They may not use items the way you think, but it is a sign of focus and intent. I am glad the manhole cover registered with you and became a central part of your story. Your MC’s noting of it as an avenue of escape reminded me of the demotivational poster whose caption says: Bottom: You’ll know it when you hit it.

    Well done.




  2. Regardless of the depressing situation…sorry, you get no sympathy from me. I hate losers and he is a loser. I see too many of his kind hanging out and whining. Pick yourself up and get a job … any job. McDonalds, waiter, shovel manure, whatever. Your story kicked up something strong for me to have this reaction, eh? Nice work. Here’s mine:

  3. My sister was in this situation for two years (without the drinking part). She was a banker of a very specialized department and got downsized, so it was hard for her to find a job in another bank where they only hired one of her type. Single mom, too. She applied for lower paying jobs but they always said she was overqualified and feared she wouldn’t stay on. It was humiliating and scary for her. Now, she has finally landed a great job as a bank auditor.

    Very good story and very timely in this bleak economy, I’m afraid. Thanks for commenting on mine.


    1. It happens more than we realize. Addictions are a bad thing and ruin many a good person. I too have a sad situation in my own family. I’m happy to hear that your sister’s situation turned out well.

  4. Sounds like your character is looking forward to the bottom of the manhole too. Sometimes that’s the only point where the climb upward can begin, so if he hits, I hope he comes around! Good story and creative use of the prompt 🙂

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