Prompt from Inspiration Monday: Don’t fight it
(200 – 500 words)

From inside the trunk, she could peer out a crack near the taillight and see the pavement rushing out behind her.

She was terrified. Where were they taking her. She wasn’t rich, so it wasn’t like they’d be looking for ransom money. She was just a gal trying to get along and make a living.

She didn’t see their faces. They wore balaclavas and said nothing, so she could recognize no voices. They simply grabbed her as she was getting her mail from the box. They weren’t overly rough, but certainly not gentle. She remembered a smell that had seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

Her hip hurt and she groaned as the car careened around a sharp turn. The sun was now behind them and she could see the orange glow of the sunset on the road. She sniffed. Salt water. They were getting near the ocean.

She tried to peer out through the crack again. Nothing looked familiar.

She heard someone laugh. She heard bottles clanking in the back seat.

What was so funny? She was getting more and more terrified. Nothing made any sense.

Suddenly the car slowed, turned onto gravel, and stopped.

The trunk popped open.

The two kidnappers stepped around and peered into the trunk.

“Where are we?” she asked looking around bewildered.

Dianna’s perfume! That was the smell!

At the same instant, they each yanked off their balaclava and burst out laughing, “Danielle’s summer home. Welcome to your fortieth birthday party! Gotcha!”



14 thoughts on “Lost and found

      1. My pleasure.. I read but don’t always comment. So many great artists on here to inspire me to do more. I am thankful that you share what you write.

  1. Oh my, that will be a party she won’t forget – and neither will her ‘nappers, I bet she lets them have it! I know i would. Great post.

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