100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Madison Woods.

“What have we gotten into? This old house is a mess.” Al plonked down on the stool.

“You wanted an old farmhouse, Dee laughed, “with character.”

Al spied something blue inside the half demolished wall. He picked up a small pasteboard box covered in the same floral wallpaper as in the room.

Inside, nestled in tissue paper, was a gold locket, an 1858 penny, and a slip of paper.

The locket held pictures of a baby boy and girl.

Al read aloud. “A penny for your thoughts. If only you had lived long enough to share your thoughts with me.”



18 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts

  1. Ah….lovely, sweet story. Did not find it chilling at all. I agree with V. L. Gregory. The woman had two children…maybe twins, that evidently died at a young age (smallpox, perhaps). I would not be surprised if a lock of their hair was in the locket as well. It was common in those days. And the penny was a nice touch. One of my favorite stories so far. Here’s mine:

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