100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle WisoffFriday Fictioneers 2014 April 11

Imogene slumped to the dirt, her back scraping against the hard stone wall of the tavern in the square. The brightly colored banners overhead waved at her, taunting her.

The king’s messenger said everyone was coming home. All through the day, she and everyone had laughed, and ate, and drank, rejoicing as each knight rode through the gates with banners flying high to salute their victory. Vortigern’s men had been driven back into the northern hills.

Now the square was quiet as the sun settled behind the horizon.

Everyone had long since gone.

Where was Owain?



26 thoughts on “When the sun sets

  1. It’s always tragic to be expecting a loved one and never having them show up. I hope he has a good excuse! (Which kind of makes me feel like he may be dead, which I wouldn’t wish either…). Nice one!

  2. Her celebrating has been changed to mourning. Very sad. Good story and I hope her knight finally shows up. He might just be wounded and stopped to rest. He might also have lost his horse in battle and had to find another way home.I’m hoping for the best.

  3. BUT, the kings messenger said everyone was coming home – I know he didn’t say “alive” but that’s what I assumed and poor Imogene too. Sad story – Maybe tomorrow will show he got stuck in Customs. Love your story! Nan 🙂

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