hokusai4rwf100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Thomas slept soundly. Isobel didn’t.

She scuffled to her office and lit a candle. Clutter and chaos reigned in the dim light — peanut butter, jam, salt, yogurt, spoon, knife, crackers, a noisy computer fan, sirens screaming outside, a store-bought seashell. This was the jumble of her life. The charade drained her time and energy.

A few words in her final blog post. A note to leave on the kitchen counter. She smiled as she signed her words.

The car was packed.

She could already feel the sand on her toes and sun in her hair.

Sayonara city life!



26 thoughts on “A sigh of relief

  1. Wonderful work at weaving all of the photo’s elements together and bringing it to life. I definitely didn’t see this ending coming either. I hope Isobel finds what she’s looking for. Great piece!

  2. Dear Caerlynn,

    This story will hit a nerve with every reader. Masterfully imagined and written. Get out of Dodge! is the message and it should be heeded by all. Perfect.



  3. Caerlynn, Very thorough use of the prompt. I think her partner probably suspected that this was coming on. It looks like they’re better apart. She’s probably too young to settle down. I’m not going anywhere but wish sometimes I had so little I could pack it all in a bag. We often accumulate too much stuff. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  4. That was sudden (but not unexpected — you set the tone with the first two sentences) and strangely moving — I loved the “Sayonara, city life!”
    (By the way, I checked just now, and you didn’t have a comma after Sayonara. That will clarify it a little more, I would think.)
    Good story!

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