campfire100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers
A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

My apologies to those of you who provided comments for my last story to which I did not respond . Summer. Family. Vacation… I promise to do better this time. I hope you enjoy this week’s story.


A gust of wind stirs the dying embers. Sparks dance, lighting the midnight shadows.

Everyone claps as Jamie ends his guitar ballad.

Skye flinches and struggles to tear her eyes from the images in the flames and focus on her friends.

Scraps of visions remain entangled in her head. She blinks again and claps politely although she heard not a word.

A raven. An oak tree. A crescent moon. Autumn. Blackness. Sorrow. Her daughter.

She has no children.

Murder. Lost souls.

The words echo in her chest and rip through her like restless ghosts.

Tears stream down her cheeks.



24 thoughts on “Memories or omens?

    1. Yes, how true!
      It’s funny… after I wrote the story, I realized that maybe she did hear the ballad. Maybe the words subconsciously triggered memories, dreams, images, or thoughts… Music can be extremely powerful.

  1. Very strong storyline. I remember how as child, I would listen to my grandmother telling us stories of what she could see in the flames. My sister and I were spellbound, and very entertained too.
    Well done

  2. Dear Caerlynn, Such an emotional story. I can just feel the stabbing at her heart – she has lost her daughter. Sparks and flame together and sitting around a campfire is so mesmerizing. Great job! Nan 🙂

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