c2a9tales_from_the_motherland100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers 

A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Her children were dying of the dreaded disease brought by the sea travelers. She must reach the altar of Piltzintecuhtli. If he accepted her offering of seven gold coins, he would surely cure them.

For three days, she had picked her way across the barren, rocky terrain.  She could not cross any square in Piltzintecuhtli’s maze where venomous snakes or spiders basked in the searing sun. Three times she was forced back to her starting point.

Fatigue and hunger threatened to end her quest. Visions crept and undulated before her eyes—plants with magical properties.

She made it.

Piltzintecuhtli was appeased.



15 thoughts on “The healing maze

  1. Really loved this tale — it’s creative, it has a great feel like it’s out of mythology. I agree with Craig though — in the last six words I could tell that you were running out of words and had to end it quickly — and oh, how I can relate to the frustration in that! It felt like there needed to be some sort of lightning-bolt-out-of-the-blue ending. Do you think you’d ever consider expanding it to meet your vision?

    1. It’s one of those stories that could certainly be expanded. I’m pondering an alternative ending, but haven’t come up with anything earth-shattering yet. Thanks for visiting and comments. Most appreciated.

      1. Glad you weren’t offended – it’s a great story – you’ll have to keep everyone posted if you continue to work with it. 😀

        All the best

  2. The trick to the thing should be pronouncing ‘Piltzintecuhtli” correctly. If you can do that you should get whatever you want! I agree with the others about the ending; if she is to succeed, we need to see how, we need more drama. It wouldn’t fit in this size format, but with a slight expansion I think the story could be very satisfying.

  3. Caerlynn, Good story of determination and love of family. I’m glad the god was appeased. Great happy ending. Actually, that god should be glad if people just pronounce his name correctly. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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