Backhoe100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers 

A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

“I’ve got the power!”

“You’re so arrogant. Do you actually think you’re a backhoe?”

“Sure, look at this bucket. I could scoop you right up and throw you into next week.”

“Hmph… I doubt that. If you’re so great, why aren’t you out digging holes or something.”

“I could. I could scoop more dirt than you have rust.”

“Uh huh. You’re not even an attractive color.”

“But I’ve got lights. They flash too. People see me coming.”

“You’re  an old car having a mid-life crisis. You can’t keep up with the young hoes.”

“And you’re just a rust bucket.”



Favorite Friday Feedback (F3) from last week’s #FF story goes to Doug at He said, “Ansel Adams meets Richard Dawkins? I like this story and the questions it raises. Could be Thoreau talking too. Well done.” I think he got what I was talking about and his comment summed it up so well.

Humans who spend time in the wilderness, alone, without man-made mechanical noise around them, often discover that their brain begins to recover its ability to discern things. —Robert Anderson


36 thoughts on “Can you dig it?

  1. Dear Caerlynn,

    An inventive turn of phrase there at the end. They had to cancel the Ms. America pageant this year because nobody wanted to be Miss Idaho. Go figure. A lovely story from a challenging prompt.

    Thanks for listing me as a favorite in the feedback department last week. That was nice of you.



  2. Great take! I love the rust bucket line! Maybe you might want to take part in another flash fiction challenge. It is called Mondays Finish the Story, and the challenge is: Using the photo prompt and the opening line of the story, you get to finish the story in 100-150 words! Please check it out! ^..^

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked the story. Happy you dropped by.
      (Thanks for the invite. I’ll check it out!)

  3. There is something about this picture that inspires animating inanimate objects. I almost went there with my story. I’m glad I didn’t because others have far outdone my “talking cars” idea. Well done.

      1. I love that variety. I never ceases to amaze me how different the stories are, even when they come from similar inspirations.

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