This is my entry for the Monday’s Finish the Story (MFTS) challenge. Here’s the photo provided for which I’ve written a 120-word flash fiction piece. Enjoy!


Dance as if no one is watching! That’s what he said. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was so self-conscious. People would surely laugh. I stood in the middle of the floor frozen. My feet wouldn’t move. My body wouldn’t move. I felt all eyes on me. I closed mine.

I wanted to melt into the floor, become invisible, fly high into the sky. Soar like an eagle. Feel the breeze on my skin. Drift on the currents. Be free.

My body began to sway. The rhythm overtook me. My arms became like the eagle’s wings. I couldn’t stop myself. I was dancing!

Yes! I was dancing. I was free.

I don’t care if anyone is watching!



5 thoughts on “MFtS: Breaking free

  1. Lovely, Caerlynn! It’s great when a story (or a dance) just flows. I almost envy her. Stories I’m okay with. Dancing? Well, that’s a whole nuther story 😀

    1. Yeah, I’m not much for dancing in public either. I never sang in front of anyone either until a few years ago. I learned to play guitar and I made the decision that I would not go to my grave having never sung out loud. Now, guess what? I’m no songbird, but I sing anyway 🙂

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