2014-12-01-bw-beachamThis is my entry for the Monday’s Finish the Story (MFTS) challenge. Here’s the photo provided for which I’ve written a 120-word flash fiction piece. Enjoy!


In the compound on the hill, lives a man with a dream. They said if he built it they would come. He believed that. Indeed, they did come from around the globe to see his creation. He appeared in several architectural magazines and he won seven awards for his innovative forward-thinking designs.

He loved this place — the open skies above and the painted scenery of the mesas and majestic red monuments that surrounded him.

Only one thing was missing.

One thing to complete his dream.

One thing to fill the still empty void.

Still he waits for her.


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9 thoughts on “MFtS: His vision

  1. For some reason, the scene looks almost Mediterranean. I can see him sitting with a bottle of wine and two glasses — just waiting for her to arrive. Lovely story, Caerlynn.

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