2014-12-08-bw-beachamThis is my entry for the Monday’s Finish the Story (MFTS) challenge. Here’s the photo provided for which I’ve written a 100-word flash fiction piece. Enjoy!


Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water.

The boat? Gone.

Her friend? Gone. Overboard into the briny turbulence.

An errant sail beam belted her skull. How she got geared up with her fins and mask, she didn’t remember.

Her head throbbed.

The sea was calm now, but it wasn’t a few hours ago.  Every shadow beneath her sent her heart into palpitations. How long could she endure? She managed to send a distress signal before the radio flipped to static and then died.

Surely someone heard her call for help.


Red water enveloped her.


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8 thoughts on “MFtS: Wrecked

  1. You couldn’t have had a nice friendly dolphin tow her to shore could you, Caerlynn 😦 Oh dear, so many hungry sharks around. Don’t they know it’s nearly Christmas?
    Every shadow beneath her sent her heart into palpitations great way to get our hearts going too 🙂

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