dining-room100-word Flash Fiction. #FridayFictioneers 

A story inspired by this photo provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Talk to me. I’m always open to your feedback and constructive critiques.

John turned his back to the grey room. He stared at his reflection: grey shoes, charcoal-grey trousers, grey and white striped shirt. He suddenly realized he hated the grey walls, the grey bricks outside the window, the grey tablecloth, the plain white dishes, the crystal that had to be washed by hand.

Jeannine was black and white. Their house was grey.

What had happened to his life? Where was the color? He wanted red and blue and green and turquoise and yellow and orange and….

Yes, he wanted color.

Quietly, he closed the door behind him before their guests arrived.



FavoriteFridayFeedback2Because I was away for Christmas holidays and then on a Caribbean vacation, I missed several weeks of stories. Therefore, Favorite Friday Feedback (F3) will resume next week. Happy New Year to you all (a little late), and here’s to another year of fun.


25 thoughts on “#FF: Seeing red

  1. I’m thinking this is a reflection of his state of mind. He needs to shake things up a bit! I wonder if Jeannine will wake up tomorrow and find a note on the pillow and his suitcase missing?

  2. Well-drawn portrait of a life lived boringly and perhaps, until this moment, without real thought. I’d say he is, as the Eagles once put it, “already gone.” I was just thankful the color he was thinking of didn’t turn into the red of blood when Jeannine came home! With FF, that’s always a possibility. 🙂


  3. Change may have to come from him. They need to talk. Great description, Caerlynn. He may need help if he’s suffering from depression. Maybe his wife is also. Well done. — Suzanne

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