2015-01-19 - BW BeachamThis is my entry for the Monday’s Finish the Story (MFTS) challenge. Here’s the photo provided for which I’ve written a flash fiction piece (171 words). Enjoy. See you all next Monday.

They finally made their escape.

Jenny heaved a great sigh, rolled down her window, and yelled into the thickening autumn forest as gobs of mud splashed over the hood and windshield of the vehicle, “Whoohoooo!”

Ben was laid off two months ago and Jenny quit her mind-numbing administrative job three weeks ago. Their house deal closed yesterday; the money was in the bank. They sold or gave away all their belongings except for their Jeep, their camping gear, and basic clothing needs. All the estate affairs for Jenny’s dad were in order.

Ben laughed and followed her lead. They laughed like wild children with not a care in the world. Tension flew out the window along with their shouts and laughter. They were free. One year on the road. They’d talked about it for years. Now, they were actually doing it.

Jenny thought of Dad’s last words. “Girl, you only live once. Don’t kick the bucket without doing all the things on the list you stashed in it.”

Good advice, Dad.



19 thoughts on “MFtS: Bucket list

    1. Thanks. I will participate as often as I can. You can also check out my Creative Expressions Challenge. A new one will be published tomorrow. I hope you’ll consider joining me too.

      1. Thanks. I think I spotted last week’s when I was wandering through your blog last night. I seem to remember it has a 200 word limit which is very tempting. 😉 I spend more time chopping down to size than anything else! I do like to do a few writing challenges a week, though as my time is limited I can only do a few – I tend to do whatever inspires me the most. I look forward to seeing your prompts. 😀

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