Welcome to the 10th edition of Pen’n’Tonic’s Creative Expressions challenge.

Join the challenge! Everyone is welcome!

Each week on Tuesday (as time permits), I’ll post a word, a phrase, a picture, or an idea that will constitute a prompt from which to submit a poem, a flash fiction piece (not longer than 250 words), an original photograph, an original artwork, or a combination of these things that you think applies to the week’s theme.

Interpret the theme as you see fit. The only rules are that you be creative, be original, and have fun. Post your entry on your own blog and add your link to the InLinkz page (see little blue frog image below).

As with most challenges of this sort, I encourage you to provide feedback, respectful critiques, or general comments for each other’s stories. Simple “Likes” are good too!

SnowSnow, snow and more snow. That was my world on Sunday and Monday. And, we’re still cleaning up. Where I live, we may not get plowed out for another day or two. Country dirt roads are low priority. But, hey, at least I have power and the Internet.

So, that’s my theme today: snow. Choose three snow-related words and create your post from them. Here are several words on the theme, or feel free to choose your own.

  • winter
  • drifts
  • snow
  • flakes
  • flurry
  • blizzard
  • white-out
  • ice
  • crystals
  • frost
  • buried

I write my post as I look out my window upon a magical winter wonderland. Or at least I wish. There’s a drift a foot above my window sill partially obscuring my view.

Yesterday, I discovered a new type of poetry while reading my latest edition of Writer’s Digest. It’s called Gogyohka (Go-gee-yo-kah) and means “five-line verse.” It’s quite simple really — only five lines of words or phrases in free form. Some call it micropoetry. For additional information, check out the following sites:

Winter view

swirl past my window
taunting the ice crystals
that frost
the glass


Snow drifts
across the lake
the ice
and all beneath


Buried branches
Silent cedars
Braving the blizzard
that brushes the land
in a flurry of white



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