Welcome to the 13th edition of Pen’n’Tonic’s Creative Expressions challenge.

Join the challenge. Everyone is welcome!

Each week on Tuesday (as time permits), I’ll post a word, a phrase, a picture, or an idea that will constitute a prompt from which to submit a poem, a flash fiction piece (preferably not longer than 250 words), an original photograph, an original artwork, or a combination of these things that you think applies to the week’s theme.

Interpret the theme as you see fit. The only rules are that you be creative, be original, and have fun. Post your entry on your own blog and add your link to the InLinkz page (see little blue frog image below).

As with most challenges of this sort, I encourage you to provide feedback, respectful critiques, or general comments for each other’s stories. Simple “Likes” are good too!

Bonfire. © penntonic.wordpress.com
Bonfire. © penntonic.wordpress.com

This week, I give you one of my own original photographs. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer this week. Enjoy!

Carpe diem

“Come on, grab a dog!” Carrie called to Michelle.

“Nah, I don’t care for hotdogs.”

“So, grab a marshmallow. It’s not about the hotdogs, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s not about the food. Look around. Here we are in the woods, ten friends, it’s a sunny spring day. What more could you want?”

Indeed they were all bundled in their warm clothes, the ATVs cooled their engines by the stream just off the trail, and everyone chatted and waited for the fire to settle down to embers so they could roast lunch.

“Warm toes would be nice.” Michelle laughed.

“Then get up here by the fire. It’s about the camaraderie. It’s about friends hanging out, enjoying the day and each other’s company.”

“Carpe diem.” Michelle said.

“Exactly! Seize the day. Be present here and now.”

“I get it. Can I have a marshmallow, please?”



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