rachel-bjerke100-word Flash Fiction

This week’s story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

But first, a bit of context: Brigid was a goddess to the ancient Celts. She was goddess of healing, poetry, fertility, sacred wells, springtime, and the forge. She was the model on which the Christians based their St. Brigid (of Kildare, Ireland). 

Calybrid raised her arms to the sky. Reflections in her well swirled and bubbled. Her goddess was nigh.

Empower my anvil
Hone edges so keen
Let my hand be true
A blade ne’er seen

Temper the iron
With courage and might
Let warrior and sword
Be one in the fight

She implored Brigid for help. The signs abounded. Evil drew closer. Dafydd’s blade she would forge in her smith. Formidable powers it must possess to repel the wickedness invading their lands.

Black clouds hurled themselves across the sky. Winds stirred the coals igniting a blaze to surpass the fires of Hades.



25 thoughts on “#FF: Brigid’s fire

  1. Great story and I loved the verse. I hope she knows what she’s doing messing with such powers. It sounds like they need the sword but I bet there’ll be a price to pay.

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