This week I give you a bit of original art, called doodling or zen doodling, that I created a few months ago. This morning I was pondering two things: inspiration and a decision. Sound like two very different things to think about before coffee, doesn’t it?

Inspire  © 2014 penntonic.wordpress.com
© 2014 penntonic.wordpress.com

So, first, here are a few thoughts about inspiration.

What does inspiration mean? Where do you find inspiration? Many writers and artists keep a journal where they jot down all sorts of observations from their daily life: colors, nature, parties, situations, relationships, traits, physical characteristics, story ideas, bits of poems, plot twists for a novel, painting composition, dance routines, news items or favorite TV show, bathroom conversations, water cooler arguments.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Inspiration is all around. As writers, we’re always percolating ideas, daydreaming, thinking. The trick is to capture all this “stuff.” Write. Practice. Experiment. Dream. Write some more. If we’re smart, we don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to come to us. We go out and find it.

Inspire yourself.
Lie on your back in the grass and stare at the clouds.
Feel the vibrations of the earth beneath you.
Imagine you can float.
Fly to the clouds.
Enjoy the moments alone with your thoughts.
Be an eagle.
Spread your wings.
Soar on the currents.
Let your thoughts flow like a stream.
Watch them bubble down from the mountain top.
Nothing is wrong.
Everything is right.
All thoughts are your thoughts.
No one can take them from you.
You are a creative individual.
This is your inspiration.
Your creativity.
You are your unique self.
You have the power.
No one can take it from you.

Now, write. Write your thoughts. Grow them. Nurture them. Let inspiration be the fertilizer that feeds your ideas. One seed becomes a tree with branches and leaves until you have a story, a poem, a dance, or a piece of art. This is your soul. This is your creativity. Let it rise to the clouds until raindrops fall on your tree. Until it grows and produces more seeds. Seeds that grow more trees until you have a forest of inspiration.

And now to my decision. Sadly, I tell you that after fifteen weeks, this is my last Creative Expressions (for the time being at least). I appreciate those of you who joined me. I had fun and was thrilled to “meet” each of you. I had hoped for more participants, but I think the universe is telling me that the timing isn’t right. Despair not, however. I will still be here, writing posts about medieval times, passing along what I learn about writing, giving you flash fiction stories, and showing you, on occasion, some original photography, art, and poetry. I hope you’ll stay with me (or join me, as the case may be) as I continue my journey to finish my novel. I hope you’ll share with me your journey as well.

So, my friends… take inspiration where you find it. Do not be afraid to enter the forest by yourself. Open your mind. Spread your creative wings. Scrap the negative; encourage the positive.

Learn. Experiment. Practice. Dream. Imagine. Inspire. Explore. Play.

And, most of all, remember that creativity is a journey, not a destination.


9 thoughts on “Creative Expressions #15. Inspiration and creativity

  1. I was sad to read this is the past of your prompts Caerlynn. I shall have to give this one some creative thought. I have enjoyed participating each week and yes I will continue to read your excellent posts of Medieval times.
    I understand the frustration of trying to get a prompt up each week. I am currently co hosting a prompt on Mindlovesmisery menagerie, a Tale weaver prompt which we give a lot of thought to each week but attracts only a few responses but we are committed to challenging our writers and I think we do. So hopefully over time we will attract more writers.
    Best wishes Michael

      1. Hi. I’m sad to give it up, but I’ve decided that for the time being at least I need to concentrate on my novel and other posts. Something had to give. I may not be gone forever, so stay tuned! I truly am grateful for your support and I’m sure we’ll “see” each other around in the coming days. Do take care and keep up the great words! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the reblog, John. I’m happy you liked this piece. Do stay tuned. I may return one day with new Creative Expressions! And thank you for your support. It mean’s a lot!

      1. I certainly will “stay tuned” Caerlynn ~ I am a great admirer of your posts and I am sad to see the prompts end. I hope the time will soon be right to recommence ~ Have a nice weekend my friend 🙂

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