© Sandra Crook

100-word Flash Fiction

This week’s story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


I plop into the lawn chair and settle in to wait.

They said it appears every August around full moon, and this year I am determined not to miss it.

I have my camera.

I squint into the last rays of setting sun as it burns a path across the waves.

I check my watch. Soon.

An hour later the moon rises behind me. White sparkles dance off the black water.

I jump as a deafening screech rises in the night. A ball of red flames bobs on the waves.

Fire on the ocean!

Just like they said.

Where’s my camera?



28 thoughts on “Ghost ship

  1. I really liked that! Fire on the ocean. As a keen photographer I can identify with that moment … right down to not being able to find the camera at the appropriate moment. Good one.

  2. Ain’t that always the case? I cannot count the number of times the camera was NOT with me when I needed it… Mind you, in today’s world, the cellphone camera comes in handy…

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