© Melanie Greenwood

100-word Flash Fiction

This week’s story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I’m back after a month of Nanowrimo and a busy Christmas season. Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all health, happiness, and good words in 2016.

Everything was so simple just a few months ago. Last summer we built a gorgeous little lake house on Lake Wacamole. Norm gave me a gorgeous vintage quarter-caret solitaire at Christmas.

Two years we spent making plans to simplify our life. The minimalist life looked better every day. Norm was going to work from home. I was going to pursue my writing.

Then everything changed.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he gushed at the private jet sitting on the tarmac. “I have another surprise for you.”

Norm pulled out a map of the Caribbean. “This little island? It’s ours.”

Damned lottery!



17 thoughts on “Incompatible?

  1. Ah, the simple things in life. The jet will certainly simplify travel from their lake house to the island. Summer here, winter there.

    It’s like Groucho Marx said, “You can lead a gift horse to water, but you can’t look him in the mouth.”

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