I read a story today.
About a woman.
Waiting to leave.
Knowing she has to.
Digging deep for strength.
Searching for wisdom.
A desperate need
To reclaim her life.
A life once lived.
Afraid to talk.
Afraid to leave.
Hiding the truth.
Talking to no one.

I know this woman.
She is strong.
She must be strong.
Dig deep.
Love yourself.
Speak out.
Be bold.
Find your path.
Travel alone.
For now.
The universe is waiting.
It gives what you need.
Make your move.
Don’t wait.

Cross the river.
Fight the current.
Life is waiting
Life is calm
On the other side.
An abuser is a bully.
A coward at heart.
Filling holes in his soul
The only way he knows how.
Control he never had.
Control he seeks now.

Cross the river.
Make your move.
Get out.
Save yourself.
Don’t wait.




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