FridayFictioneers (#FF)

© Roger Bultot

This week’s 100-word story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

“The first and best apple pie I ever ate was in this diner.”
“Really? I thought Grandma’s was your favorite.”
“It was.”
I scowled in confusion.
“My dear, Lily got her first job here when she was only sixteen. I came every day. She made the apple pies herself from her mother’s recipe.”
“You married her for her pie,” I laughed.
I pretended not to see his eyes mist up.
Grandpa had us, but I knew he was lonely these days. He still comes to the diner every day.
Memories, I suppose.
But now he orders only coconut cream pie.



19 thoughts on “#FF: No pie like it

  1. Memories can be wonderful but also sad. It’s really sad that he no longer feels like eating Apple pie any more…I’m sure it just does not taste as good since she is not there to make it. Great story.

    1. Oh, most definitely! 🙂
      Thanks for your condolences and I send them right back to you too. Hope you get through the season with .only good memories. I’m sure they, like my parents, want us to have a great life. Take good care of yourself.

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