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Exploring the past

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Journal3jpgMaisie has always been fascinated with the past. Until now, however, she’s been afraid to really examine hers. She had good times growing up, yet there were painful times too. Now that her Gran has passed away, she understands, perhaps too late, just how important the past can be to understanding who she is. Why didn’t she ever push Gran to answer her questions?

Maisie hasn’t reached her thirtieth birthday yet, but suddenly she realizes that she has no one anymore to ask questions about her family. Charlie, her brother, never wanted to visit the past. He told her the past is the past and dwelling on it isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Now, Maisie reflects on things that happened that no one could never talk about, Continue reading Exploring the past

Baggage & Backstories


In this section, Baggage & Backstories (see menu at top of page), Caerlynn discusses issues and topics that arise in her writing and sometimes in life in general. She is fascinated by the past and how it affects our lives today and makes us who we are. These articles cover issues she thinks about and wants to explore to help her develop her characters and plot lines.

By spending time examining the past as objectively as we can, we can learn much about ourselves. As we get older, we often tend to become more introspective, and we become more aware of who we really are, our purpose on this earth, and what’s important to us.

We all have baggage and backstories. It’s normal and it’s okay. These articles give insight into the characters in Caerlynn’s novels and maybe even into her readers’ own lives.

Enjoy reading these posts and feel free to participate in discussions.