Help, Yard, Compelling

Inspiration: 3 Words (randomly chosen from a web page)

Aawran made a very compelling argument about why she should return home with him. At least it might be compelling to some other woman. She’d known him for way too long. She knew exactly what he was like and what he wanted. She was having no part of it. She listened patiently, and then sat down on a rock at the top of the falls. She’d heard it all before. Oh, he could change. He would look after her from now on. Everything would be wonderful. He was sorry for what had happened in the past. Sure. Same old stuff from the same old bastard. Continue reading Help, Yard, Compelling

Everything Went Haywire

This brief exercise shows an opening for the same story from two points of view.
I was just sitting in the cafe having a cup of tea–yes, tea in a coffee shop–when in walked the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Well, not handsome in the classical sense, but there was something that he exuded. Maybe it was his self-confidence and the twinkle in his eye. He looked over at me, and I couldn’t help but smile and my heart went boom. I felt myself blush and I quickly looked away. He ordered his coffee and came over and sat with me. Me! Why me? I wasn’t the most attractive person in the coffee shop. Continue reading Everything Went Haywire

Exploring the past to find the future.