A moment in time

© Roger Bultot

FridayFictioneers (#FF)

This week’s 100-word story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Lord Cranston’s raging screams from the west tower faded to mere whimpers. She would never be his.

Evening shadows crept across the courtyard. Tomas gripped her hand as they waited.

She said nothing, but he could feel the slight tremble of her body as they watched the sun settle into the horizon. The limestone walls tinted to blood red.

Yes, the crone had seen them, in another place, another time.

Any moment now.

She grasped his hand ever tighter, a slight smile crossed her lips.

Crimson rays shot through the stone portal, lighting their faces.

The future was theirs.



#FF: Bygones

© Amy Reese

FridayFictioneers (#FF)

This week’s 100-word story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

BEWARE: This week’s story is rather grim. Not my usual style but, hey, nice to try something different.

A dark pool of congealed crimson spread from the under the cold steel door.

“No!” Sara screamed.

The security guard struggled to gain his footing as he skidded around the corner, gun held in position.

“In there!”

The guard stared at the glistening mass on the floor as he grappled at the keys jangling from his waist.

The door slammed open with a sickening thud.

Harry lie face down. Dianne slumped in the corner, a gaping hole in her left temple, the gun still held tight.

Sara slumped to the floor. So much for she and Harry moving on.


Exploring the past

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Journal3jpgMaisie has always been fascinated with the past. Until now, however, she’s been afraid to really examine hers. She had good times growing up, yet there were painful times too. Now that her Gran has passed away, she understands, perhaps too late, just how important the past can be to understanding who she is. Why didn’t she ever push Gran to answer her questions?

Maisie hasn’t reached her thirtieth birthday yet, but suddenly she realizes that she has no one anymore to ask questions about her family. Charlie, her brother, never wanted to visit the past. He told her the past is the past and dwelling on it isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Now, Maisie reflects on things that happened that no one could never talk about, Read more

#FF: The end (and the beginning)

© David Stewart
© David Stewart

100-word Flash Fiction

This week’s story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

This week, I’m offering the final installment to my previous stories of the time-traveling Victoria (Part 1: Faint memories, Part 2: Pourquoi moi? and Part 3: Third time charm). I hope you enjoy it. For those of you who might have been waiting for the final chapter, I apologize (again) for the delay. It has been very a busy summer.

The tall man grasped her tighter still.

“Yes,” she whispered again more softly.

The waltz ended. With no word, he disappeared into the garden.

Her heart pounded. He is gone? No, a voice screamed in her head.

She followed.

At the east gate, a note was tucked under the rusting hinges. The red wax seal. His. Her name. Victoria. Carefully scripted in black ink on the outside.

She trembled as she read his words.

The hinges screeched as she slowly stepped through the gate, to the past, now her present and her future.

Finally. She was his. She was home.