Cross the river


I read a story today.
About a woman.
Abused. Read more


As he walks away

Prompt from Inspiration Monday: Lights up when he walks away
(200 – 500 words)

Why is it always up to her to light the fire and cook dinner at the end of every day, while he leans back against the tree and swigs from that damned bottle of whiskey?

There was a time when she loved him. They were friends and partners.  He took care of her and their child. Their child. Tears threatened to spill over at the thought of Thomas. He was such a beautiful child. He was smart, funny, and charming, if not mischievous. And, he’d had his entire life ahead of him. Then it happened. He was helping his father, Dan, round up the cattle one evening when thunder cracked overhead and spooked his horse. He was thrown off and landed on a rock. His neck broke and he died instantly. If there was any blessing in his death, that was it — he’d died instantly and hadn’t suffered. Read more


Prompt from
Inspiration Monday: I miss the stars
(200 – 500 words)

Public Domain Image“I’ve been hidden away for fourteen years. My world is dark. I’m lonely. I long for the night so I can escape into my dreams. Dreams are the only time I feel alive. I am afraid.”
These words have been ringing in Leigh’s head nearly every day for the last few years. She has to get out of here. She’s in a prison of her own doing. This she will finally admit. She was young and in love. She married when she didn’t even know who she was. She certainly didn’t know who he was. Everyone warned her that he was not good for her. Fool! She thought she was in love. Read more