My heart is a ghost town

Note: This is the first cut of a song I’m working on for acoustic guitar, but I thought I’d stop here and call it a poem for now — Draft 1.

GhostTownStrolling down these dusty streets
Once again I walk alone
I’m taunted by the howling wind
Laughing, saying I told you so.

Even the tumbleweeds drift on by
Taking no notice of my bitter sorrow
Rolling on without a care
Knowing what I can never have.

Saloon doors swing, and welcome me in.
I sit alone at the empty bar
Seeking solace at the bottom of the bottle,
But my thirst for you is never quenched.

My soul wanders in a ghost town
Since you walked away without me
Leaving me here with the tumbleweeds,
A dry reminder of my lonesome heart.

~~~ *Yinyang* *Peace* ~~~


Smiling thoughts

Today’s poem is for THE POETRY CHALLENGE
The prompt for Week 1 is Smiling Thoughts

Bows and curls
And pretty pink things
Sparkles and glitter
And a closet full of clothes
Painted nails
And spa massages
Expensive stilettos
And purple phones
Bring smiling thoughts
To trendy gals
And girlie girls.
Not for me my pretty friend.

English: Waterfalls
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Give me trees
And cyan skies
A pair of sneakers
Or hiking boots
A rippling lake
Or a cascading falls
The musky smell
Of the forest floor
A canvas and brush
Or a camera lens
Bring smiling thoughts.
These are for me my pretty friend.



As I lie in bed this morning
In the hazy in-between worlds
Of floating wisps of dreams
And the stark reality of morn
I had a flash of inspiration
That ignited my creative fire
A rhapsody to seize the spirit
A melodic theme to rock this world
But as I emerged to the light of day
And reality reared its gruesome head
I lament to pass to you the truth
My flash was just a flicker
Of the words that are this poem.