#FF: Men don’t ask for directions

© Shaktiki Sharma

FridayFictioneers (#FF)

This week’s 100-word story is inspired by this photograph provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Apologies to the men out there this week. No offense intended. When I first looked at this photo, all I could think of was a renovation project gone wrong.

Duke returned from his truck to find Marvin still standing in the same spot staring at the studded wall.

“Hey, Buddy. Know what you’re doin’?”

“Well, no. Not really. You ever tried to put drywall on a curved wall?”

“Um… no. Maybe we should call someone.”

“Like who?”

“I dunno. You must know someone who knows how to do this. An expert maybe?”

“Yeah…. No. We can figure this out.”

“So… where do we start?”

“Well, I heard this guy say once…. Nah, that won’t work.”

Duke tilted his head and stood back. “We could try….”

“What if you put….”